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How do smart thermostats work in Pensacola?

December 12, 2022
close up with a smart thermostat with an orange background

Picture being able to manage your home’s temperature by vocalizing a simple directive or by using an app on your cell phone. Now, take it a step further and think about having a device that can discern your preferences and automatically adjust. As you will see, smart thermostats are extraordinary advancements in technology capable of adding more convenience, energy savings, and even safety to your home. Continue reading to understand how they work and what they can do for your family.

How are smart thermostats different from regular models?

Although smart thermostats offer a wealth of exciting features, they are comparable in a few ways to the versions we have always used. For instance, they are wired straight to your heating and cooling system. You are also able to manually adjust the comfort settings by interacting with the hardware connected to your wall. But that’s pretty much where the similarities conclude.

Pensacola smart thermostats bridge to your home’s wireless network

You may sum up the difference between regular thermostats and smart models in two words - Wi-Fi connection. By having this link to the internet, you’re able to gain a new degree of access and operation. Essentially, you may adjust your heating and cooling levels from anywhere. Did you not remember to turn down the heat when leaving on a trip? Don’t worry about it. Simply go to the intuitive Vivint app on your cell phone and quickly change it. There are many other actions you can take with the app, including:

  • Shift between cooling and heating
  • Adjust your system to a specific mode such as vacation, home, or sleep
  • Switch your fan on or off
  • Receive alerts if comfort levels are manually or automatically adjusted

Alter HVAC settings by simply speaking a directive

Your wireless connection allows for one more great bonus as you can pair your thermostat to a Google or Amazon smart speaker. If you’re trying to keep comfortable on a chilly mid-winter night and you don’t want to get up from your toasty seat on the couch, just give a command like “Alexa, turn up the thermostat three degrees”.

Vivint Smart Thermostat can adjust automatically

The Vivint Smart Thermostat actually takes convenience to a new level with its available Smart Assistant. When part of your smart home, the thermostat can employ a range of sensors and other functionality like geolocation to discern if you’re in the house or not. In addition, this adaptive component will even learn your preferences and change settings correspondingly. To illustrate, if you typically like things to be cooler in the evenings, the thermostat will observe that and change it for you.

Integrated safety precaution to limit fire

The automated aspect of your device also impacts your safety. The Vivint Smart Thermostat has an emergency shutdown of your heating and cooling system when fire is identified to limit the spread of smoke and flames. You could also set it to instantly activate the exhaust fan to help vent your home.

Reduce your energy expenses in Pensacola

Your smart thermostat’s power to adapt HVAC settings automatically and your ability to manipulate them remotely isn’t just convenient, it’s a plus for your bottom line. If you tweak the settings between 5 to 10 degrees for times you are away, you can save a noticeable amount - up to 10% on utility expenses.

Get started on your own Pensacola smart home

Now that you have a better idea of how smart thermostats work in Pensacola, it’s time to bring one into your home. The Vivint home automation professionals are standing by to show you the way. Just dial (850) 790-5902 or fill out the following form to begin.